“No Oil”

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Worked till almost 11 p.m. last night, later than usual.  I mention this because I suspect working late makes it difficult to eat right.  Last night’s dinner was a special request from me, steamed tofu with vegetables in curry sauce over white rice.  Actually, I guess it’s not that special since I request it often, but this time I said the magic words: NO OIL. Tasted the same to me!  I will admit I ate too much.  A new change for me is I did not go out after work. Straight home, took a shower drank a Coors light and went to bed.  I don’t know what my calorie count was, but I know my “work” count was pretty high.

Now starts a new day (cup of tea in hand instead of the fat laden coffee) and I am glad to be feeling pretty good about yesterday all in all.  I have to take my son to the grocery store this morning and even though I do need a few things myself, I am going to try and be creative (thanks to this blogging thing I’ve been doing) and walk a lap around the store while he’s inside getting his order.  Looks like a beautiful summer day out there and I can’t wait to get in it!!!

Right Now I want to post an inspiring song song by Van Halen, but I can’t figure out how.  :)

Back from the store and I know it looked like a set up but truly everything I bought was healthy food!  I managed to walk a lap while he was inside the store shopping..  he is trying to lead a more health oriented life as well and we both managed to stay out of Burger King which was right there.  I ate a mandarin orange while I walked because I was getting hungry during the shopping expedition.  Then I peeled a grapefruit… sadly it was SO SOUR ***WOW*** we’ll see if those things sweeten up with time.  I could only eat half.  And I shared a small container of cut watermelon with my son in the car on the way home.

Home, I had the rest of my oatmeal with almond milk, sprinkled with cinnamon.  I made Tahbouli.  I picked up the ingredients I needed at the store.  (more later on that)  Then my girlfriend came over and we had a few drinks… vodka and juice.  We’re planning on going out later and dancing so I’m hoping the two things negate each other.  I told her about my blogging and “new regime” as it were so it’s truly real now and I can’t back out… was I going to?  Noooo…..

Just got back from watching a band play.  I had Tabhouli and marinated deer meat for dinner (grilled) and two mixed drinks with my girlfriend earlier.  I had three light beers while out and am eating a bowl of rice, soft tofu and soy sauce.  I hope my dancing negates the beer tonight.  Its almost two!  Time for bed!