In My Mind

4:24 pm in Uncategorized by Scarlett

I want to put out there a few things I think about all the time.  I mean ALL the time.  It is my unwanted weight.  I saw a commercial a few years back and I think it was about a weight loss program or product even.  It showed a woman walking around everywhere during her work day with a weight attached to her leg.

That’s how I feel every day.  I think about my extra/unwanted weight almost constantly!  It’s not like every time I look in a mirror I loathe what I see (and I know some people do that, heavy or not), it’s just always in my mind. Like when you read a Chinese fortune from your cookie and instantly add “in bed”?  That’s me with my albatross of extra weight.

My resolution is to change what is always in my mind.  Now what will be in my mind is my goal.

I like that idea.

If you’re wondering what my goal is, I can say this much:  it’s not a cut and dried amount of “poundage” so much as it is healthy, fit ME!