keep on truckin’

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Stayed up til 1 last night. Woke up too many times to count. I have to take a friend somewhere this morning and “good me” would be going on the trail first for a brisk walk. “Tired and sore me” knows this isn’t likely right now, so I’m fixing a cup of tea and making mental plans for the day. This mental plan includes eating breakfast. I KNOW I’m not hungry now, but I will eat something before I go because if i don’t, well, I could eat something worse.
Went to a local eatery/bar last night after my husband was off work. Mainly because he wanted a hamburger. I wasn’t even hungry and I sat there, eating chips, salsa and cheese and splitting a pitcher of beer. The new plan will be to tell him to pick up his food so I don’t get roped into going. I didn’t get kidnapped, though, I went willingly. And I wasn’t cooking either. My role as a wife is pretty loosely defined and I cook for me if I want to and I cook for him if I want to. He says he wants to get healthier but he wants to eat a hamburger from the bar every night and crack a beer every time he comes in the house. Habits, habits! We all have ’em! Can’t fault him for whatever he does since he worked till 9:00 last night and is no doubt up on a roof until it gets too hot today.
As for me, I am glad I don’t work until 2:30 today so I can make a few healthy foods to take me through the week. Ideally I could post a few recipes on here, however I am eating pretty simply so if I make my rice and oatmeal then I can forge a few simple meals on my breaks and not eat too terribly many calories.
Speaking of calories, I’m not much of a calorie counter. Some people can rattle off the caloric content of so many things it amazes me. Of course I have unwanted weight, so maybe i should START counting calories. If I have to I will, but for now I will keep on with a realization that shitty prefab foods are bad for you, ‘kay?
Even if I went out and ate shitty food (oh well, at least the chips were homemade corn tortilla) OOPS! deep fried….. that doesn’t mean I’m OFF my program. I won’t just say “Oh well, I’m done for”, I’ll start out good today and make plans to continue to do well. :)