Sometimes you just want something “yummy”

4:23 pm in Uncategorized by Scarlett

I’m wondering if anyone out there wants to share what is the thing they like to eat that they crave. Or more than one thing? It sucks to work really hard on eating the right things and then one tub of Ben and Jerry’s can throw you for a loop! I’m just glad I don’t like chocolate that much, ’cause I can’t always say no to the things I love to eat, and I eat too much of them.

I need to learn to not do that. :)

Here’s a partial list of the things I indulge in when I indulge:

Salsa. Good, hand crafted salsa.

Guacamole. Loaded with fat, but I love it!

Sushi. I know, these aren’t sweets.

Doritos. I could eat the whole bag if I bought one.

Pepsi. Goes down good. TOO good.

Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee ice cream. Thank GOD they don’t carry it at our local grocers.

Can’t forget steak. If I go out to dinner and order steak, I can bring home half or eat the whole damn thing. Which is too much….

Alcohol. I try to forget there are calories in it!!! :)