Did I have a breakthrough?

12:09 pm in Uncategorized by Scarlett

So I don’t want to get too TOO excited about it, but when I got on the scales yesterday, I weighed 181. That’s down from my initial posted weight of 184. My highest weight before I started posting was between 185 and 190 so I feel pretty accomplished when I look at the scales and see 181! It’s not a bad motivator :) I try to weigh myself about once a week, so I’ll keep you posted!

It doesn’t hurt that this is summertime and everyone wears less clothes. Don’t wanna show a bunch of fat, right? And this nice weather for me is a big incentive to get up in the morning early and get moving, even if it’s just walking through the yard with my pup to enjoy the scenery.

It’s nice to see actual movement on the scale though, because I know I don’t live a saintly existence when it comes to food and drink! I DO try, but everybody slips.

I don’t let myself be described by my failures, but by my successes.