Ouch, those crunches!

11:46 am in Uncategorized by Scarlett

Been up for an hour. I had my cup of tea, and spent some time thinking about yesterday. I feel fortunate I don’t have to go to work at the crack of 7! Gives me time to plan my daily attack on unwanted weight. I think I might be easily led astray earlier in the morning before my vigilance is at full tilt. I texted with my brother a little yesterday and we were discussing weight loss. We talked about crunches and how we both hate ’em! I think it was a good conversation because today crunches were in my mind and crunches was what I did. My goal was three sets of ten with legs bent, doing them to the middle and each side. I did around 2 1/2 sets of ten and think I’ll feel them later. I used to love exercise when I was younger. I wonder what changes that? Oh well, I did something, anyway!
I got off a little early last night and had planned chili for dinner. All in all I feel like I did not assault my body with bad food yesterday and that’s a good thing! This really is a day by day adventure of sorts. I think I’m getting into the routine of morning tea, sensible breakfast and having a few good choices around the house. Good choices for me are the oatmeal and rice that I made Monday and fruit and decent bread so I can make a sandwich. I know a PBJ is loaded with sugar and I’m sure the bread has some too, but it’s still better than a bad choice and I usually slice up a banana on it too.