Some weekends are harder than others

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Well, It’s Sunday and I will say I’ll be good today! After yesterday, almost anything would be good. I went to a beer festival with my son and we sampled a lot of microbrews. Then we ate some food. Then we sampled some more brews. Then we got some more food to take home. The good news is, we didn’t eat it all and the bad news is it’s still in the fridge! I’m not one to waste food, so now I will be able to exercise a little portion control! Oh well, at least I walked A LOT yesterday and even when I came home took the dog for a jaunt. I will be keeping active today also. And even though I could easily slip into an obsessive behavior like getting on the scales daily, I won’t until later this week.

So I had a day yesterday where I broke most of the rules I impose upon myself to try and manage my unwanted weight. That does not mean I give up! It was a transgression… and I can also tell a story about something I heard in *of all places* the restroom line! One woman complimented another woman on her dress and a conversation ensued. The trim woman in the dress confessed she used to weigh considerably more and she lost her weight S L O W L Y !

She explained to the other women in line she added rules weekly to her weight loss regime and she did not diet on Sundays. If you walk in to the water instead of jumping off a high dive right off the bat, you have a much higher likelihood of continuing to swim. She now just eats in moderation, but says she likes to exercise too.