True Confessions

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So today is another day in the journey, the weight loss journey, if you will.  Only today will be different.  I will actually Blog about it.  It’s 7:34 a.m. OH WAIT… let me get a cup of tea.  Okay it’s in the microwave and well, now my day has officially started.  Let’s talk about that tea.  It’s a generic bag in a cup of water and i will add one pack of sugar to it.  Not too remarkable, but it represents change for me since any given morning it is not uncommon for me to go get a cup of coffee and load it up with creamer and sugar.  Just one change I am making to aid me in my journey.  Not saying I’ll never indulge in a cup of coffee again, but NOT RIGHT NOW! Let me give you a little background right now before I go any further:  I’m 48 years old am 5’8′ tall or thereabouts (I really don’t want to know if i have gotten any shorter over the years) and have been slender most of my life.  At my heaviest, I weighed right around 200 lbs. That was in February 2010.  I remember being at my sister’s house (I did not own a scale) and looking down and thinking “I have to DO something about this!”.  That’s not to say this is the first time I have been aware of/dismayed by my weight, just the first time it really slapped me in the face.  200 pounds is not something I ever wanted to see when I looked down at the scales.  It was then that I started in earnest to change a few things and it really helped me then to lose 20 pounds over a couple of months. What did I do before when I lost 20 pounds?

  1. I quit buying my morning cappuccino.  Which sometimes also had a crazy sugared snack cake attached to it before I left the store.  How did that get there?  Might as well eat it.
  2. I gave up all carbonated beverages.  This meant NO Pepsi to me, but also no slushees or expensive Sheetz drinks, either.  I switched to water only.  I like water.
  3. I quit going out at lunch.  Me and the mates at work, well we have a stressful job and it helps to talk about it with your buddies.  Does it?  I’m not even so sure about that after a point and there’s no doubt the stuff I was eating was not healthy. So I started packing lunch.
  4. NO MORE CANDY.  The workplace is saturated with the stuff.  And I like candy.  That goes for chips, too.
  5. Nothing after dinner.  I would make a decent meal and that was it.  I couldn’t eat after that.

Those were the RULES, anyway.  Did I stick to them?  Or better yet, how WELL did i stick to them?

  1. I made a cup of tea every day to take to work.  One Splenda.
  2. I drank water instead of my beloved Pepsi.  Some thought I lost my mind.  Tea at my desk if I needed the caffeine, which I did.
  3. I packed my lunch and ate in at work which saved a boatload of money.
  4. Not touching the candy or the chips at work.  I know this is starting to sound saintly, but I opted for fruit.  I like fruit, too.
  5. Yep, this was a tough one for me.  I broke it now and then.  When I did, I would try not to eat too much.  Or go for a bowl of cereal.  That would be skim milk for me, just ’cause I like it.

Since that time I have switched jobs more than once and all kinds of things have changed in my life.  Life changes all the time and I am now realizing I need to continue to think creatively and not stagnate because I see my weight creeping back up as I let my guard down and slip into some of my old habits. DO have a scale now and I weigh 184 pounds today. So let me go back to my list and see what has changed… Honesty is painful :) but I can take it!

  1. I slipped into a new coffee addiction.  Off the cappuccino, after I moved across town I started getting coffee at a diner and loading it up with creamer and sugar.
  2. I still haven’t gone back to carbonated beverages.  I like to say if I drink a soda it will be in a mixed drink.
  3. I don’t do lunch out but with this job I eat after work.  And it usually is eating out.  This has to change!
  4. I still don’t eat the candy, but I can succumb easily to the lure of chips, and have.  I like chips.
  5. I don’t really eat anything after dinner because dinner is so late.

So that’s my pretty honest critique of me and what I am doing wrong right now and why my weight is creeping up.  I actually want to lose more.  It’s all about adding things and subtracting things, I guess.  Adding healthy things and taking unhealthy ones out. In the past few weeks, I have been quite mindful of what I have been eating and doing.  I wasn’t blogging yet but every day I did something GOOD (blogworthy, even), it put me one step closer to today, the day I actually start blogging about it. I know every person’s journey is personal, and every person’s journey is different.  What has worked for me may not work for you but I hope you can take things from what I write and perhaps adapt them to your own journey.  I’m off for now.  Off to make some oatmeal!

Breakfast was oatmeal (I made enough for two days) with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon on top.  And a pear, grab n go for work.  Lunch is leftover “Signature Salad” from a local eatery.  I shared it and a way too salty club sandwich with my other half last night.  It has lettuce, balsamic dressing, blue cheese, red onions, shredded carrots and some nuts.  The portions are out of control there, but I think sharing it helped, along with leaving some salad for today.  Salad and a bowl of rice.  I have a long day ahead of me and work in a restaurant.  Today my rice has a drizzle of sesame oil, pepper and soy sauce.  I will grab a grapefruit and a tangerine to take back with me.

I took a walk on the local bike trail today.  I didn’t have a lot of time this morning, but it was about 40-45 minutes.